Welcome to VERTO Labour Services

VERTO Labour Services is a solution to your labour shortage problems. VERTO Labour Services will supply supervised work crews or individual labourers who are willing and able to complete your task in a safe and efficient manner. Having worked on a variety of projects, we have the experience you need for any general labour projects that you don’t have the human resources to complete.

VERTO Labour Services is a company, started with the intention of creating solutions for labour shortages that companies face, as well as addressing the issue of young people who need to benefit from learning employment skills. VERTO Labour Services believes that the concept of transitional employment is very important; young people learning to work while working, and being supported at the same time, both on the job and away from the job. Our end goal is to have good, solid, employees that any company will want to hire.

Our Vision

VERTO Labour Services Inc. is a vehicle for moving youth into successful job maintenance enabling them to live out of harm’s way and move towards economic independence.

Our Mission

To provide the best labour services possible to our clients, providing them with Good. Solid. Work. VERTO Labour Services Inc. will offer youth the opportunity to learn how to work by working. Youth will gain the work skills required to succeed in the employment world, in a structured, low-risk environment supplemented with training, skill development, along with personal support away from the job and career support in the future.